I have a Pontiac LeMans 1988, and I want repaint my car. I have looked all over my car and I can't find the lower color code for my car. On the label of the service parts identification is only inscription: BASE/CLEAR COAT ENAMEL U9511.

enter image description here

What is the lower color code on my car?

Thanks for any info on this.


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Take this with a grain of salt because I am nowhere near an expert on car color matching, but I'm not sure if that portion of your car will have a color code. That's more a kind of body moulding piece (door skirt? typically plastic) that would have been added on after the painting of the car. My suggestion would be to see if a local paint shop could match the color for you and mix up a spray paint to match. Nowadays, some shops have tools that pretty accurately match a paint just by scanning the existing color with a little computer device. Best of luck to you!

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