I can't find the MAF sensor on my 96 Ford E350. (Been googling for hours :))

In case a picture helps:

Intake manifold

Like I said, I've been looking for quite a while, and I can't find anything. Thanks!

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    If you got that far and didn't find a mass air flow sensor, have you considered the possibility of a MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor? Jun 10 '16 at 3:29
  • Ha - never thought of that! After a little research, it looks like I have one of those. I'll add an answer. Thanks!
    – Cullub
    Jun 10 '16 at 13:26

It should be on or near the air cleaner assembly. It looks like a square thing with a 60 pin connector on it



Well, it turns out that the 1996 Ford E350 doesn't have a Mass Air Flow sensor - hence the trouble finding it :-)

Instead, it has a MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor, which looks like this:

MAP sensor

And can be found here:

Where the MAP sensor is

Thanks for your help with this!

  • My '95 Bronco 351 is speed-density. I think you have the transition year, where it's a crapshoot. 1997 went to all MAF on the 5.4 modular. Bye Windsor, I enjoyed your ability to retain sparkplugs....
    – SteveRacer
    Jun 11 '16 at 12:22

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