I heard of jeantaud mechanism of steering.

does it accomplish the right steering everytime? aren't tyres slipping in any situation? I mean, is it the definitive solution to the Ackerman steering or just a good approximation? in case the jeantaud mechanism isn't, there exist a definitive solution to this problem?

Does this solution work even if the vehicle has got suspension? I mean, if suspensions are present, do they create problems with this hypothetical steering? thanks


After some reading, it appears Jeantaud's mechanism uses shorter lever arms to acheive a more accurate effect. However, both mechanisms (Ackerman and Jeantaud) are sensitive to a number of things, wheelbase, speed, and body roll from suspension travel - namely toe changes (and to a lesser extent camber changes). Mechanically these mechanisms are quite the same, with some argument about which "inventor" had a better implementation.

I don't consider the problem "solved" from a theory standpoint, but these mecahnisms are widely used and probably good enough for a practical manufacturing and a cost/benefit standpoint. What's reasonable on a Ford Sierra is not what you find on a Ferrari or F1 car.

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