My Ford forgo 2012 diesel refuses to start after driving long distances, but it usually starts well when it is cold. What could be the problem?

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    Does it start eventually or do you have to wait until its cold? Is there smoke when it finally starts?
    – Allman
    Aug 22 '16 at 11:49

Probably an engine temperature sensor. I had a similar issue with a '89 VW Fox. Cold temp would start fine and the moment it got warm.....died. Wait 10 minutes good to go until it got warm.

Good thing I had a service manual in the car and a calculator. I was near a Radio Shack and picked up 2 thermistors put them together plugged them in and tie wrapped it the engine block. Drove to the mechanic who replaced the sensor. BTW I impressed the mechanic...never seen that done before.

The sensor had something to with the injection system.


More than likely you have injector(s) leaking down when hot.

If not that it can be a fuel pump or fuel pump pressure control, newer diesels can be complicated to diagnose here due to computer controls.

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