I have a car dash cam on my car and I think it does not really integrate well to the car. It blocks some of the view and may attract thieves.

Is there any car that as an integrated dashcam from the factory?

How/where could I integrate a traditional dash cam into my car in such a way that it looks like an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part?

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    I think the James Bond car has this feature.
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    Apr 27 '16 at 20:45
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  • @zipzit Do you know any car that comes with a dashcam installed in factory? Apr 27 '16 at 23:13

One notable option for an integrated dash cam is the new C7 Corvette. As a dealer installed option, you can get a complete Performance Data Recorder (PDR) that includes a dash cam:

enter image description here

The PDR records GPS data, car performance information such as G-Force and steering angle and overlays everything on the through-the-windsheild POV video to give you something resembling a real-life video game.

This goes beyond a simple dash cam to record accidents or strange things crossing the street, but I think it meets the criteria of the question.


Integrating a dash cam into your car is doable. I used to have a GPS antenna at the top of my windscreen, wedged between the roof lining and the mirror mount. The wire ran along the edge of the roof lining, inside the A-pillar trim and through the dashboard to a power supply I'd placed in the center console behind the stereo.

You could attach the camera to the rear-view mirror (fabricate a bracket that attaches to the mirror mount). Check if you can wedge the cable between the roof lining and the window. If you want to run the cable behind the A-pillar trim, check if there's an airbag in there first.

This requires a bit of work and some tools (removing trim panels becomes a lot easier if you have the right tools), but an amateur like me can do it in a day.

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