My aftermarket headlights that I just purchased have had problems with condensation for some time now. All the rubber covers around where the bulbs are place are sealed tight and installed correctly. I did notice the small "vents" which were covered with what looks like some sort of venting patch. Its just a piece of fabric and seems to not be the tightest seal. What would be the best way to re-patch these vents with something more water-tight?

For reference I have a 2001 Impala.

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There are two designs vented and non-vented. In the vented design the vents actually help prevent the condensation. Make sure they are clear, you may even have to add additional holes to create more venting.

See this article for more information


I have a chevy with the same fabric. I suspect it is Gore-Tex/PFTE material. It allows condensation to escape. But does not let in water drops. A breathable membrane seems ideal. This is a guess. I am buying a sample of Gore-Tex and will cut and glue around the hole in my headlights to hopefully stop fogging. Gore-Tex fabric's properties of breathing does not last forever. My chevy is 12 years old.

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