I have recently had a fuel/air control part replaced in my 1998 Mazda Familia. That was done after replacing plugs, etc. The problem it had was it was sacking really hard but going nowhere, once I got past 1st gear it was a bit better. When the part was replaced it was better for about a week. I filled the tank and from then on it started doing the same thing but not as bad. I noticed that as my fuel tank got lower the car started to run better. It is now 1/2 full and only has a little hesitation.

My question is, can a full tank of gas cause these problems?

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    What exactly is a fuel/air control part? You'll have to be more specific than that. Anyways, problems coming with a full tank could be related to the evap system on your car, like liquid fuel getting into the charcoal canister. – I have no idea what I'm doing Mar 30 '16 at 8:46
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    Can you tell us exactly what fuel/air control part that was replaced? – DucatiKiller Apr 5 '16 at 1:35

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