The previous owner of my Honda Hornet 900 was a brilliant mechanic but a terrible electrician. They added some extra lights that are beautifully fitted but wired illegally. There's a basic switch on the handlebars that turns them on but if you turn them off and immediately on again they switch mode:

  1. High beam.
  2. Low beam.
  3. Flashing.

To make it worse they wired them into the headlamp so they're only on when the headlamp is full beam. That means if I ride at night and change the headlamp from full to low to full then they change mode which makes them illegal (in New Zealand).

I want to get the lights open to see if the control for the modes is in there but I can't figure out how to get it open. Is this a standard part or has it been specially machined? There's no model or serial number on the outside.

More photos here.


  • I think it will be pretty tough finding someone with experience of an off brand chinese light. Wish I could help. Mar 28, 2016 at 4:07

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A friend of mine found them on AliExpress as 3000LM Black Transformers 3 Modes U5 Led Motorcycle Headlight Waterproof LED. The 3 mode switching is actually built into the light as a feature. However, I also found this video How to remove strobe and low beam mode from U5 U3 motorcycle LED fog light which I will try.

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