I have a problem with DT Lanza carburetor and the mechanic said I need to replace all the parts in carburetor. Can I get DT 200r carburetor on the DT Lanza 230, because it is hard to find it's spare parts in carburetor in my country. How would the performance be if I get the DT 200r carburetor on the DT Lanza?

  • What is the year of your motorcycle? What country are you in? To clarify, you have a DT 230 and you are asking if you can replace it with a DT 200 carburetor? Any questions you can put into your question will help to clarify your post. Mar 26, 2016 at 17:09

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The DT 230 Carburetor will fit on some DT200's

The 1999 model of your bike uses the Mikuni TM30x1 Flat Slide Carburetor

Older models use a different carburetor model. The slide is round.

Here is an image of the flat slide carburetor.

enter image description here

Here is an image of the round slide carburetor

enter image description here

Both of these carburetors are readily available on ebay and Google shop.

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