Why would I want to magnetize my screwdriver?


How would I magnetize my screwdriver?

  • In my experience they magnetise themselves. You're more likely to want to de-magnetise them.
    – user207421
    Feb 28 '16 at 19:16

If you dont want the screw to fall off the screwdriver when you are putting a screw into a difficult place the a magnetic screwdriver is useful.I find that it works well on small screws like M3 phillips .If you are undoing a screw then the screw stays attached to the srcewdriver greatly reducing the likelyhood of loosing the screw. I magnetise my screwdrivers when needed by simply rubbing them against a strong permanent magnet .The permanent magnets are from dead loudspeakers and are normally employed as fridge magnets.

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    Just make sure when you rub the magnet on the screwdriver you always rub in the same direction. If you go back and forth it won't magnetize.
    – cdunn
    Feb 28 '16 at 1:50

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