I have a car (1971 Jaguar E-Type 6 cylinder) with a bad starter relay. The original relay is not available, and all of the specialty parts suppliers sell a generic replacement relay.

I'd like to pick up a generic replacement relay locally.

The original relay when energized connects 3 contacts with each other (+12V, the solenoid, and a wire that makes the spark hotter). Most relays only connect 2 contacts together, but there are plenty with more terminals that probably do exactly what I want. Any DPDT or DPST (if such a thing exists) relay would work. I just can't find any resource that gives a wiring diagram for these relays or a description.

The wire connections need to be 1/4" spade lugs, and I need a tab sticking out to hang it.

If anyone could provide a part number for a relay that is common enough that it would be available locally I would really appreciate it.

  • Doesn't meet your "pickup locally" criteria, but for others that may also be looking for parts... I use mouser.com for my random electrical parts needs. Jan 11, 2012 at 18:48

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Could you not just connect both the starter solenoid and the spark control wire to the single output of a standard automotive relay?

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