I attempted to jump my 2000 Dodge Neon off in the dark with a jump pack, and I accidentally reversed the polarity. The tire inflator on the jump pack landed on my positive starter wire and burned it in half. The main fuse was also blown. I have replaced both, but my fuel pump is not turning on, and I am getting no current through the starter wires when I turn the ignition. I have tested the starter, and it is working. The engine will turn over if I run a wire directly from the battery to the starter. What are some places I should start looking to fix this problem?


Starter Solenoid

If you can turn the starter over when your skip the solenoid then I the logical next step would be to replace your solenoid.

It's a very simple procedure and the solenoid is a relatively inexpensive component

I suggest you swap out your solenoid and see if that resolves your issue.

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