What oil should I use for this car? How do I know when I should change the oil for my car?


According to the owner's manual, it depends on the climate you live in:

|             Climate              |             Oil Grade              |
| Hot (ABOVE 32°F OR 0°C)          | SAE 20W-40, SAE 20W-50             |
| Normal (ABOVE -10°F OR -23°C)    | SAE 10W-30, SAE 10W-40, SAE 10W-50 |
| Cold (BELOW 100°F OR 38°C) [sic] | SAE 5W-30, SAE 5W-40               |

I assume that the cold climate temperature range should really say "Below -10°F"


For the 4-cylinder engine:

  • without filter: 4.0 L
  • with filter: 4.3 L

For the 2.7 V6:

  • without filter: 4.2 L
  • with filter: 4.5 L
  • Temperature is all messed up dude.. – Shobin P Feb 8 '16 at 14:45
  • @Anarach I know, the fact that this mistake is in the owner's manual is a real shocker – Zaid Feb 8 '16 at 15:30

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