This is driving me crazy but I do not understand what triggers the headlight washers? Looks like sometimes when I turn on windshield washer, I see mist above my hood and I imagine that it is coming from the headlight washers being engaged. But still cannot seem to figure out how exactly do I trigger them exclusively?

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It seems the way to trigger the headlight washers is to just hold the main washers longer. That would mean to me they cannot be triggered exclusively. If you don't actually like the little things, there is a way to code them out from the hidden menu if you have access to VAG COM. Change the following:

  • Set Headlight washer - Duration
  • [09 – Cent. Elect.]
  • [Security Access - 16] [Adaptation - 10] -> Channel 6
  • change to e.g. 500

  • Set Headlight washer - Cycles

  • [09 – Cent. Elect.]
  • [Security Access - 16] [Adaptation - 10] -> Channel 26
  • change to e.g. 10
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    This seems to be pretty standard across VW models which have headlight washers; no dedicated headlight washer switch/lever
    – Zaid
    Feb 6, 2016 at 13:04

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