Could anyone please tell me what BlueTEC HYBRID and Blue Efficiency mean and the pros and cons of those ? Are those better than BMWs Efficient Dynamics ? Common faults they undergo ? Maintenance criteria ?


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As Mercedes-Benz claims, it reduces fuel consumption by up to 12.1%, without a performance drop. They also claim that it is environment-friendly (Consume less fuel and emit less CO2) They are achieving these by doing:

  • Reducing car's weight
  • Lower aerodynamic drag
  • Smart dynamo
  • Fraction resisted tyres
  • Transmission suggestion monitor
  • Fuel-save gear ratio
  • Engine start-stop rest state in traffic


A better and newer version of BlueEFFICIENCY again by MB.

you can see comparison of 2011:

S350 CDI BlueEFF   vs   S350 BlueTEC
     2987cc        -       2987cc
     235hp       +8.50%    255hp
     540Nm       +7.00%    580Nm
     37.2 mpg    +13.0%    42.2 mpg
     199 g/km    -11.0%    178 g/km

so you can see the power & performance increase, fuel economy and reduced CO2.


BMW version of Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC.

I won't be listing additionally because they are nearly the same but here is a picture which shows the ED specs


Increased performance, better fuel economy and less CO2.

I was a BMW E46 3.20i user, and now I have got a BMW F30 3.20i

Thinking about it and there is too much improvement in technical specs between 2 cars. I believe it will continue to improve drastically with the developing technology.

I am very happy with my car so the difference is real :) As for MB, I am not a fan of it, but I am sure (and most people say) BMW and MB are similar and in competition with each other so you can expect the same outcome.

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