I have a car that is 7 years old and unfortunately hit a curb which bent the front strut on the drivers side. Do I need to replace both struts? Or just the damaged strut?

It is similar to this question and this question, but the difference is this was not caused by normal wear-and-tear. The strut on the other side is perfectly fine and shouldn't be in danger of failing anytime soon.

  • Honestly, I think the answer will be the same. It might not be in danger of failing, but it is still more worn than a new one. – I have no idea what I'm doing Jan 27 '16 at 8:05

The key assumption in the OP's question was that replacement in pairs was because if one failed then the other must be close.

It's actually about making them the same.

Unless the car has a tiny number of miles on it, the two struts will always be in different parts of their lives. That means the original one will always be more worn than the replacement will be. That leads to all the things the other answer here mentioned.

If the car has any value and you want to drive it for a while, you're better off to replace them in pairs.

  • OK so it is about them needing to be the same. That was kind of what I was dreading anyway. I hate throwing away perfectly good stuff – JumpingJezza Jan 29 '16 at 2:28

Brakes and suspension should always be done in pairs.

If you REALLY don't care about the car, you could just replace the one, but it could lead to alignment/tire wear/vehicle stability issues down the road.

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