What is the steering ratio for the European Ford Focus Mk2 that was in production between 2004-2010? I can not find it anywhere... I need it for a research project. There is somewhat relevant answer about C-Max steering ratio but that is on a different & newer model so I suspect the Focus may have a different ratio.

Thanks for help in advance!

EDIT 1: I found an article with a 2013 Focus steering ratio and it says 14.7:1 which is the same like the above linked 2013 C-Max... however 2013 Focus is a European Mk3 and I need Mk2.

EDIT 2: A sweedespeed forum post mentions 13.2:1 for a 2009 Ford Focus RS. In case the steering was not modified for the RS version (the post notes 14.7:1 for Focus ST which most likely is a Mk3 and equals to the 2013 values above) then it may also be valid for basic-level Focus Mk2.

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    I searched for a bit googling through the ford.com site and the media.ford.com site and could find the data for almost all fords, accept yours. Weird. – DucatiKiller Jan 26 '16 at 0:33
  • Do you have the Vin for your vehicle? – anonymous2 Oct 24 '16 at 14:34
  • @anonymous2 Not any more, but if you want to help you can use one of the following VINs: WF0PXXGCDP8L32540, WF0SXXGCDSAP57318 or WF0SXXGCDSPB51015. Thanks! (sorry I posted wrong VINs in last comment - already deleted it) – Kozuch Oct 24 '16 at 14:42

This page states a 16.0:1 steering ratio, but this may only apply to the North American version.

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