my honda doesn't want to start, in the morning it starts with one crank but as soon as I drive and I switch off the car and I want to start again then it doesn't want to start. When I take a piece of wire on positive connector on starter and other end on the starter (where the starter wire is) then it starts. I do not know what the problem with it is. It's a 2000 model honda ballade vtec shape

Does somebody know why my car won't start?

Please help.

  • I think your procedure needs a little more explanation. All I can think of are very bad consequences when I read "but when I take a pice of wire then I put it on the starter"...
    – JPhi1618
    Jan 20, 2016 at 15:26
  • You are saying when the engine is hot and you turn the key, nothing happens? No crank situation. Yet, when you jump the solenoid with a wire, it starts just fine? Jan 20, 2016 at 15:32
  • Model year? Also, if you register yourself as a use you wil have an account and communication could be easier for you. Here is a link to the tour. mechanics.stackexchange.com/tour You can see how the site works. Cheers. Jan 20, 2016 at 15:33
  • Yes that's it and sometimes it starts fine when it's hot nd sometimes not
    – Jason Nel
    Jan 20, 2016 at 15:36

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It sounds like your starter solenoid is bad. You starter solenoid has two pieces to it.

  • The signal it takes from your ignition switch triggers a magnet the turns another switch

  • when the magnet is activated it closes another circuit for your starter. This gives your starter current from the battery to turn over your engine.

If I get what your saying, you are manually activating your starter with a wire to turn over your engine which means your starter is ok.

Based on the info I would guess that your either your starter solenoid or ignition switch are where the issue resides.

Mind you this is a guess based upon limited info.


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