This is a older tractor. My question relates to the fuel system. The older fuel injectors don't have any external seals? All of them seat and 3 don't leak but one does.

I was looking for a seal but it didn't have any not even on the tip. So I'm wondering if they have a torque spec or how does it use a pressurized fuel system with no o-rings or gasket?

For those interested in specific application type: motor casting number # D5NN6015H

This places it in 75'

MODEL #LA254(6)(G)(C)(last digit maybe) Production #8H22B Serial # c580840

enter image description here


What you are seeing is the use of fit type to form a positive seal. Older vehicles used harder materials (not to be mistaken for toughness or strength) for most parts. As a result it was possible to use an interference fit or a transition fit to form a seal. Attached is an image explaining this. Essentially, the fit is literally to tight for any fluid to flow through.

enter image description here

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