Trucks use yellow and red coded ISO 1728 "palm couplings" for connecting the air supply and braking compressed air lines from the towing vehicle to a trailer.

I want to build an adapter from the compressed air supply palm coupling (red lid) to a European standard compressed air coupling (7.2 mm nominal inner diameter). This is to power a tire filler or compressed air tools with the truck when I need this on the go.

I'm not sure about which parts will fit together (thread size etc.). Suggestions?

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    Just for amusement, my truck driving Father would call the palm couplings Glad Hands because of the way it looks like two of them are shaking each other's hands ... kinda funny. Jan 9 '16 at 2:12

The ISO 1728 document is not public, but I think that it does not specify threads in the palm couplings. It will be different between regions.

For Europe, the palm couplings use either a M16×1.5 or M22×1.5 female thread (example, example).

Compressed air couplings with a European standard industrial profile of the plugs and a M16×1.5 male thread are available. For example:

You can simply screw them together after winding a good amount of teflon sealing tape around the male thread. Some sellers (e.g. on eBay Germany) also sell these adapters pre-built.

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