I am doing a project for class about the Harley Davidson Fatboy, and I need to find the values for the spring constant of the bike used in Terminator 2, and whether or not it used a custom suspension. I found the normal suspension used in the 1990 Fatboy are telescopic forks with a 5.1 inch wheel travel in the front and twin shocks with a 4.1 inch wheel travel in the rear, but I cannot find their actual values.

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  • Harley does not publish it's spring constants. As well, many manufacturers us progressive rate springs that are not a constant. If you were to use a motorcycle with an Ohlin's suspension you can get all of this information from them. An example would be a Ducati Panigal S or an Aprilia RSV4 Factory. Good luck, hope you get an A. – DucatiKiller Nov 18 '15 at 1:02
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