I own a 92 chevy lumina, when i drive or let it run for a little bit it will smoke from underneath the upper radiator hose. it is not the actual radiator hose as i changed it thinking it was that. There is no smoke coming from the exhaust as i checked that. Wanted to know if there was a way for me to troubleshoot what is wrong.

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    Could it be steam?
    – HandyHowie
    Commented Nov 6, 2015 at 8:11
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    A new pope's been elected? Commented Nov 6, 2015 at 20:10

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  • Scenario 1:

White smoke from the Engine bay usually means that either its your coolant or water evaporating ,basically steam.

You do not have to worry about it as its not a critical issue you can drive to a service stop, your radiator hose is probably blown and its an easy fix.

  • Scenario 2

One of your gaskets is blown or about to blow, a way to surely pin point this issue is to smell the smoke, if it smells like rubber or something burning up then there is a high chance its one of your gaskets.

This is sort of critical and you need to take care of this asap. Identify which part is causing the smoke.

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