I drive my new car for 5km ar 60km/h with hsnd brack up and i feel little smell when stop on near to rear wheel. Now i will remove foot from brack when start driving there is a noise. Need sugestion and precautionary measures


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For precaution : always check the dashboard lights after ignition! If the ' ! ' light is on , it means the handbrake is also on too. After releasing the handbrake the light switches off .If you see the light on when the handbrake is released , then it means you have worned out your brakes . Hand brake lever usually activates the rear brakes . Probable source of damage is at the rear .The brake shoes may have knocked off from their position and causing the noise . Park your car at a incline and turn on only the handbrake (no gear or foot brake) keep the ignition on . If the car slips then definitely your rear brake shoes/ disk /drum / hub has been heavily damaged. Also if your car is a rear wheel drive, have the rear differential and prop shaft checked . You are better off to a dealer as there is a chance you can slip some of the damages under warranty .

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