News report (here and here and lots more can be found that two guys drove Ford Mondeo Econetic with 1,6 liters diesel engine and got fuel consumption of about 3 liters per 100 kilometers.

That's incredible - they drove at about 65 kilometers per hour and that's not a traffic jam where hybrid cars show themselves well, so "hybrid" alone doesn't explain how it was possible.

For comparison: I know an owner of a Ford Focus C-Max with 2 liters gazoline engine and they report fuel consumption of about 14 liters per 100 kilometers. I agree that comparing gas versus diesel is not completely fair, but still 3 liters versus 14 liters looks impressive.

This story is widely discussed and some people say the car was "tuned".

I wonder what tuning that might be? How is 100 kilometers on 3 liters of fuel on a 1,6 liters car possible?

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its a combination of things:

the 1.6 engine is a common rail diesel turbo with a particulate filter, not sure if that makes a difference in itself.

tyres on eco models tend to be skinnier and of a harder compound meaning they cause less rolling resistance.

Eco models normally also have drag reducing features - such as filled in wheel trims and reduced apertures for the radiator/grilles at the front and streamlined mirrors etc.

removing all extra weight will also help - how full was the tank? half full will reduce the weight significantly.

In my diesel car, 65km/h is just barely idling in fourth gear (fifth causes it to labour a bit) I havent looked at my consumption at that speed but I know at 120km/h I average around 4.2 litres per 100km.

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