About two weeks ago, I replaced my cork/rubber valve cover gaskets on my 84 2.8L V6 Ranger since the old ones were leaking pretty badly. I forgot to adjust the valves when I did the gaskets, and now I'm thinking it should be done.

Do they need to be changed again or can I just reuse the old gaskets? I didn't use any type of sealant, if that makes any difference.

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  • Cork - always replace. (this includes rubber covered cork)
  • Rubber - replace if deformed or damaged.

On newer vehicles with the molded rubber ones which fit into a slot (I've seen on valve covers, intake manifold runners, etc, etc, etc) are good as long as they are pliable (still feel soft/subtle ... not hard or brittle) and are not damaged. So much better than cork.


There should be no issue in reusing new rubber valve cover gaskets.

I don't have experience with cork gaskets, but assuming they don't permanently deform under load then even these should be reusable.


Since there are only a few weeks old and you didn't use sealant, you should be able to reuse them.

Usually I would replace a cork one but since they are so new, I would just check them for any damage from removal and reuse them if not.

Damage usually comes from drying out and overheating but you shouldn't have problems with either.


I reused cork gaskets many times on my own Olds V-8. I used sealant only on the cover side and removed and replaced carefully. I checked and adjusted the clearance frequently with solid lifters. However , if this is a one time thing , get new gaskets.

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