Recently, I was about buying nice Honda Shadow but the seller didn't know the model year of his bike. I saw many 17-digit vin numbers and I can decode it, but 11-digit vin is difficult and I don't know how to get model year from it.

I know `N=400, C=Street, 34=Internal production..' But Where is model year? How to find the model year ? I searched over 2 days, I found some links, but didn't helped me. Thanks

VIN = NC34-1002157

  • Everything I find online says that motorcycles should have 17-digit VINs just like cars. Could it be that you've found some other part id code or serial number, and the VIN is somewhere else on the bike? Aug 19, 2015 at 2:23
  • Some internet comments suggest the VIN is on the neck, and you may have to turn the handlebars or remove a plastic neck cover to see it. Aug 19, 2015 at 2:25
  • @NateEldredge: Yes, I also heard that it's only 17-digit, but after researching I found that from 80's till end of 90's I thing till 95 or 97 Honda was 11-digit, But after that changed to 17-digit.
    – Azad
    Aug 19, 2015 at 8:55
  • Even in the 80's Honda motorcycles had a 17 digit VIN. VIN is on the steering head of the frame. The tenth character represents the year the motorcycle was made and is typically represented by a letter. Aug 25, 2015 at 1:22

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Here is a VIN number untangler from the Honda website.


Since your the one with the VIN and haven't posted it you will have to untangle it yourself.

Best of luck

  • I wouldn't recommend anyone share their VIN online
    – Zaid
    Dec 16, 2015 at 21:28
  • @zaid It's not the full VIN. Just the beginning portion where other global information is formatted into it. Dec 16, 2015 at 21:31

I realise this is perhaps 3 years late for the OP but as another user has had the same query I may as well post for their benefit it's a 1997 - the 11 digit code is the "frame number" and NC34-100XXXX format ones are for a 1997 Shadow NV400

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