I have a 1999 GMC Safari 2WD that has 160k on it. I need to replace the shocks on it. Does anyone know how to do this and have a recommendation on the type of shocks I should install? I only drive it about 20 miles a day...

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Rear - on each side, the shock will be bolted to the frame and the axle.

Front - on each side, connected to the lower control arm and the frame.

Easy to get to, but they might be rusty. Spray the nuts/bolts down with PB.

I usually just go for whatever is cheap by a well known brand (Monroe, kyb, etc.). Try to keep them all the same brand/product line. Might want to look for reviews or read forums.

  • This is very generic. You should flesh it out with a lot more information. I believe the OP is at best a novice and wouldn't know how to do what you are suggesting. This would include PB ... you and I know what PB Blaster is, but the OP won't. Aug 18, 2015 at 15:42
  • I was looking for a bit more detail specifically if I needed any special tools. My fault for the vague post. Done a lot of belt line type of replacements (water pumps, alternators, etc) and brakes but this will be my first with suspension. I am very well acquainted with PB (the stuff is amazing!) Aug 18, 2015 at 17:43

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