Please list the windows on a vehicle starting from the front, i.e. the windshield.

The three "typical" vehicles I'm thinking of are car/SUV, van, and truck.

I'm looking for things like:

  • The little triangle pieces that are sometimes in front of the front windows
  • The triangle pieces after the rear windows
  • The differentiation between the first set of back windows on a van and the second set
  • The small rectangle of glass on an extended cab truck
  • All the other obscure windows I'm forgetting about

Pictures might be helpful, but are not required.

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    This might work better if you provided a picture and gave letters or numbers to all the items you want the names of.
    – jscs
    Jul 4, 2015 at 15:52

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Windshield - mandatory (windscreen in the U.K.)

Vent Windows - optional, hinge outward from the front doors

Front Windows - mandatory windows in the front (or only) doors

Sunroof / Moonroof - optional, in roof. Can be panoramic.

Rear Windows - optional, in rear doors (if applicable)

Rear Sunroof / Moonroof - optional, secondary window in roof (found in some Tesla Model S, MINI Cooper, etc.)

Quarter Glass / Valence Windows - optional, stationary or vented windows in doors or behind the doors, on the sides.

Opera Windows - rare in modern vehicles, optional stationary porthole windows behind the rear doors, on the sides. Typically found in 1970s luxury vehicles.

Hatch Glass / Rear Window / Rear Windshield / Back Windshield - optional, rear facing window.


ICV Windows are Individually Controlled Ventilation windows. They are the little triangle-shaped windows that were in front of the front windows on older cars. enter image description here

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