I have a new (to me) 2013 Nissan Altima SV. The car comes w/ XM installed, but I'd like to switch this to Sirius, since the two companies do not allow you to have both types of radios on one account (despite merging 5 years ago).

I've accomplished this in the past w/ a 2009 GMC Acadia. I was able to buy a small part; about the size of a desktop hard-drive. I then had a car-audio shop swap the parts, and have been using Sirius ever since on that vehicle.

Does anyone know how feasible it is to accomplish this w/ my Altima?


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I asked around, and here was one response from an car audio specialist:

The future is the XM network, so basically the Sirius network is 'as-is' and only providing limited hardware. The SCC1 tuner is discontinued and it is required for the Sirius kits.

It looks like the ISNI572 kit should work with your Altima, provided it doesn't already have satellite radio, but also meets this criteria:

1> Radio must have a "SAT" button or have "CH", "CHANNEL", "CAT" or "CATEGORY" printed somewhere on the face of the radio to be compatible. This is usually located near the Tune or Seek buttons.

If you already have the SCC1 module for some reason, then you would just need the iSimple NI2 kit with the satellite radio cable and probably an antenna of some sort (or an adapter if it has a satellite radio antenna on the roof already).

Vehicles that don't meet the criteria above, or have navigation, are automatically excluded. Many vehicles have the XM receiver module inside the in-dash radio now, instead of as a separate box, which makes many late model vehicles not capable of conversion.

Also, it looks like SiriusXM will let you combine different radio subscriptions on one account now (see this link); even when one radio is Sirius and the other radio is XM. I haven't actually tried this yet, but I will soon when I can no longer tolerate FM radio (very soon).

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