I recently bought some spare parts for my Subaru Forester XT and would like to store them the right way until I need them. Specifically, I have a turbo, injectors, exhaust and intercooler that needs to go in the garage. How would you guys handle this? I was thinking WD40, mutton cloth and black bags.

I expect them to lie around unused for around 1 to 3 years.

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If you are in a high humidity area, I would:

You may want to put something around the part so any sharp edges aren't coming in contact with the plastic of the bag. The reason for WD-40 is not because of it's superior rust preventive qualities, because there are plenty of other products out there. The reason to use WD-40 is because of its water displacement qualities (thus the WD in the name).

This method should keep your parts fresh for a long time if left undisturbed with seals intact and bag uncompromised.

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  • Great answer. I live in a high humidity area (and sometimes have my vehicle on an island) and I have noticed over a few years that on a Subaru engine the same parts listed by the OP but on the vehicle have corrosion on them. Same effects on an alloy engine in a sportsbike as well.
    – timbo
    Sep 18 '15 at 1:24

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