What should you check/clean/replace on a Motorcycle?

I already:

  • Change the oil (10w40) and filter twice a year
  • Periodically check the tires for pressure, cracks, bumps (I forget the technical term), wear
  • Lube the chain (I believe every 500km is the standard)
  • Tension the chain

Other things I don't do, but maybe should:

  • Carbs (clean/calibrate) - I'm a little scared to touch them since it's a 4 cylinder engine and I know you have to be very careful fooling around with the settings.
  • Replace/clean air filter - I'm not sure how often to do this, but I don't think it has ever been done on my bike...
  • Replace chain - I'm not sure how often this should be done, but I find my chain stretches a little more every year and has to be replaced occasionally
  • Fork maintenance - I take it to a shop to have the fork seals fixed every time they start leaking, but I'm not sure if there's anything I can do to prolong their life.

This may be a community wiki kind of question, since there may be more than one correct answer, but I don't see the option. Anything outside the accepted answer, I'll add to the question.

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  • @Michael Pryor, I'm not sure this question is opposed to the goal of the site. There can be 1 right answer to the question, although I'd be happy to have more than 1 partial answer as well. If you'd prefer, I could split it into the 4 most pressing questions I have (carbs, air filter, chain, and forks) and expand on them, but I don't want to spam the site with questions and it's the kind of CW thread that would probably prevent these same questions being asked over and over again.
    – Kendrick
    Mar 8, 2011 at 17:27


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