I'm confused about the pipe highlighted in blue in the picture below, can you tell me what's its role ? is it used for air ? or to pass the fuel from the injector ? I may sound talking nonsense since I really don't know anything about mechanics but I've asked two friends and I got a different answer from each.

The car is a Citroën Berlingo, petrol engine model (not diesel). The pipe location in the engine Thanks in advance.


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This is line for Fuel evaporation regeneration system.

  • yes, thanks I just found a detailed discussion on it in a Citroën forum link (the discussion is in french) it's used for the fuel evaporation regeneration system, it's also called a "canister".
    – mrbm
    May 29, 2015 at 10:17

Looks like the fuel line pipe that connects to the injectors line

Or the return fuel line its not very clear


I can't make out for sure which line you are pointing to, however if it's connected to the Tee I have circled then it's just a vacuum line.

enter image description here


I can't make the photo big, it looks like evaporative emissions line. It probably goes to a vent solenoid to charcoal canister

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