I'm learning how to drive manual. When I switch gears, I just stop giving it gas, push in the clutch, select the gear, and let out the clutch. After the clutch is out, I give it gas. This works smoothly every time. But, I've been reading online, and it says that I have to give it gas while I'm letting out the clutch, after selecting the gear. What is the right way to do it? Thanks!


If it works smoothly, then it should be fine, although I'm surprised it works smoothly.

Generally, vehicles like some fuel/petrol to be introduced as the clutch is being released. Basically, the more I release the clutch, the more fuel I give. When the clutch is completely released, I'm giving the appropriate amount of fuel for the speed I want to maintain.

How you are doing it should actually achieve slightly better MPG, because gas delivered while the clutch is depressed is partially wasted (100% wasted if the clutch is fully depressed).

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