3 weeks ago I bought a car from a private dealer. When I tested it out, the car was completely fine. Not to long ago after, I noticed that my back tail lights were on and figured out it was the braker bolt. I changed it and then later that day I noticed my car was acting up by my brake pedal being hard when I changed gears to go to a higher one, the car would slow down. I turned off the car and smelled the brakes and saw a light smoke. When I got to my house and left it there for a few hours, it was fine. I took it to the mechanic and he told me that when the brakes get hot they start to press down and lock on. He eventually told me to change the calipers and so we did (same). Then he said it was the brake hose, we changed it (same problem). He then changed the master cylinder (same problem). I'm so frustrated. Do you have any idea what it could be?
2005 honda civic Lx

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As you've already changed the brake calipers, hoses, and master cylinder, Im sure you've checked your brake fluid and have let out any air in the system. Another issue this could be caused by is your brake pedal.

In some Civics the entire pedal mechanism can be bought but I've seen cases where the spring within the brake pedal becomes loose, resulting in the brake pedal not fully retracting. This is sometimes called the "Return Spring".

This is where I would go next and have checked. Its been a cause to other issues I've faced too and it ended up just being a loose spring which needed changing.


The symptom you mentioned leads me to believe that you have a bad Power Brake Booster.

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