Did the Interceptor version of the Crown Victoria come with a different ECU/Tune than the consumer version of the Crown Victoria?


According to this Wikipedia article, there are many differences, but most of them are minor:

  • Both use the same 4.6l SOHC V8 engine

The Police Interceptor (PI) has:

  • An external oil cooler
  • A slightly different tune which allows the engine to idle a slight bit higher (40rpm)
  • Has more aggressive transmission shift points
  • Transmission is built for harder, more aggressive shifts
  • Different EGR control for 03+
  • Most come with different rear end gear ratio (and different top speed) than stock
  • Have a reinforced frame and body mounts and an optional limited slip rear differential
  • Severe duty shock absorbers
  • Stainless steel exhaust without resonators
  • Most 04+ models have 200A alternators and a 75Ah battery

From what I'm seeing there isn't much there which will differentiate performance, but a bunch there which will help with the longevity of the vehicle, especially for handling the extreme abuse dealt by the Popo.

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