I have a 2001 Hyundai Sonata, it is making a "creaky" or "metallic banging" sound when I go over bumps. The sound is coming from the right rear wheel area, is this a bad strut? When I push on that corner of the car it does not seem to bounce any more than the other corners. I also am unable to reproduce the sound by simply pushing on the car, though the sound happens very frequently when driving on the road or pulling into a driveway.

I am only planning on keeping this car for another 6-12 months. Is this something that is worth fixing? Is it is safety issue? Will not fixing cause more damage to the suspension?

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It could be various things:

  • loose fixing on a strut
  • worn damper washers
  • broken or loose mount points
  • damaged universal joint

And various others.

I would definitely recommend getting it checked out, as if it broke at speed and was a component that keeps the wheel in contact with the ground then steering could get...interesting, with the front left potentially losing all traction.


Without knowing the cause, it's hard to say whether or not it is a safety issue, but it could be - it would be worth it to take it to a mechanic to determine the cause.

It might be as simple as a loose muffler hanger, or it could be a broken strut or something else that could let go and leave you stranded.

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