I opened my stator case to inspect what I thought was a bad stator. I discovered the following issues with my magnets:

Broken Magnets: broken-magnets

Cracked Magnets: cracked-magnets

Not sure if I need to replace stator (already have a new one though) stator-highlights

Based on the fracture lines in the magnets, I think I need a new set (??). I expected that I might have loose magnets so I bought some JB Weld but this set looks like a total loss to me. I am not sure where to buy a set of magnets. Do I really need to replace this stator (given its current condition). What should I use to clean the stator and internal gears?


The magnets on your stator actually unglued from the rotor. You should be able to remove them by hand.

I think this is a known problem on dl1000, although i never had this problem with my k2 (yet). I don't know if they can be glued back, but you can buy a new rotor for sure.

  • Yep. That is what I decided to do. A new rotor is on order and I'll hang onto the spare magnets in case of future issues. It's a bit of a pain as the bike only has ~14.5k miles on it. Thanks for the feedback. – Tommie C. Nov 27 '14 at 3:04

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