I have Dodge Charger 2007 model, ran 145000kms. Suddenly I found temperature of radiator comes high and starts overflowing radiator fluid, which is mixed with oil. Car is in running condition, but if we start the engine after 5 mins, the temperature rises again. What could be causing this?


Most likely problem is a stuck thermostat and a blown headgasket.

  • Yep as soon as I saw "radiator contains oily fluid", I also thought blown headgasket.
    – elrobis
    Oct 24 '14 at 14:25

Oil and/or combustion residue in your coolant signifies a blown headgasket. Coupled with the overheating it sounds like your cooling system can't get up to pressure, again signifying a blown gasket.


If you've ran it beyond or at the red mark, headgasket. If you noticed it before this happened Rear Main Seal, which is still expensive in a way as you need to take out the transmission but better then a headgasket.

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