automatic transmission My service manual states that the fluid to use is Dexron 11 .My local garage mechanic used ATF 111 is this ok?

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    It would help if you specified more information about the particular make and model of car about which you are asking.
    – Bob Cross
    Oct 5, 2014 at 13:59
  • Do you mean they used Dexron III instead of Dexron II? Oct 6, 2014 at 22:54

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If you are saying that they used Dexron III instead of Dexron II, that is completely okay. They are not interchangeable, since Dexron II should not be used in a transmission that calls for Dexron III or something higher. Dexron III exceeds the properties of Dexron II.

In fact, the original GM ATFs have been superseded by Dexron III.

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