While buying a new car, the dealer suggests Teflon coating your car so that the paint shine lasts longer. I know that Teflon is a substance which does not easily attach to any other substance. So is this treatment for real or is this a scam?

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Did some research on the DuPont site. Found this case study -

Application Description Have you wished that your new vehicle could stay new looking longer with that glossy “wet look” that turns heads and prompts valet attendants to park you up front? Until now, that proud, new ownership experience was too often marred by fine swirl marks from cleaning or surface dulling and clouding from exposure to the elements. Today, Ford Motor Company offers a unique, premium paint job that will resist scratching and mars longer than the finish on any other vehicle in the parking lot.

Seems like something which is expensive and done at the time of manufacturing and not at a later stage.

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Most dealers offer these coatings and protectants and they are little more than wax (if anything). I always tell the dealer that I don't want any of these coatings and I won't pay for them. They always take the charge off.

There's nothing out there that will keep your finish looking great except regular maintenance. I spent 8 years in the auto body industry and never once saw the "desert protection coating" anywhere but a dealer marketing pamphlet.


It might be okay for awhile, but that stuff eventually might start flaking off. I had a Monte Carlo where this stuff started coming off. The paint under it was flat and dull and it looked pretty bad.

Here is a thread similar to this question with people that claim that you don't need the coating.


There's no or little Teflon in the coating. Teflon has a melting point of several hunderd degrees Celcius and no one is able to apply that to an ordinary car. ;) Most of these so called enhanced protectors (Waxoyl, Teflon coating, etc.) are no more than some chemical wax-like layer being applied to the car. Protection and gloss is far better with normal waxes from respected brands although both require care (no car wash!) and maintenance.

  • I agree Alex, The real Teflon does have a very high melting point and its not an easy job of applying on a car. Rather it will damage the real paint. Its just a good quality of wax coating. Even for a single application you can also use a clear gloss spray and can apply it yourself on your vehicle. Remember to keep your vehicle in sunlight for an hour to get absorbed naturally. You can easily get a spray of clear gloss from a paint shop for just $3-5.
    – user7988
    Jan 5, 2015 at 19:36

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