I am looking to source an individual part for the rear drivers side tail/brake light. All I need is the bulb holder as all the electrical points in the one I have have rusted away. Unfortunately I have been unable to find one anywhere. Either online or locally.

I believe I can only possibly buy a replacement if I replace the whole lighting unit as pictured. But I really only need to one bulb holder. In the image below it would be the one to the far left.

enter image description here

Any advice would be appreciated.


If you haven't tried a dealer parts department, I would suggest that first (taking some doughnuts may encourage them to spend time tracking down a part for you). They really have the most complete parts databases, especially for body parts like this. If you can get a part number from them, you can possibly find a cheaper source for it online (You want someplace that will sell you the part for a price somewhere between wholesale and retail, the closer to wholesale the better). Some forum posts I saw indicate availability, for a price, though it wasn't clear to me if it was the whole assembly or the individual holders. Given the complaints on pricing, I'd guess possibly the latter.

Most of the assemblies I see on eBay are without the bulb holders. I suspect this is a common fault and a highly desired part.

You can always try a boneyard (junkyard). If you're in the US, Pick-n-Pull is my favorite. Given the eBay situation though, I suspect you may find the inventory picked over. In that case, keep checking until a fresh one comes in and then head down and get to it before anybody else does.

  • Thanks for that advice, in the end I found the part from a breaker website online although I have to buy the whole unit. Like the one pictured rather than just the holder. – JonnyIrving Jul 7 '14 at 14:07

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