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Manual transmission: high RPM / low power in all gears after shift linkage bushing replacereplacement

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Manual high RPM low power all gears after shift linkage bushing replace

Had a shift linkage bushing go out on our manual 03 Dodge Neon (85k miles). Ziptied ring to shifter to hobble home and light driving after ordering aftermarket bushings. Replaced just the bad bushing, and all was well until shortly after wife reported car was weird.

No power getting to the wheels. Car seems to go into gear, but it's like I'm riding the clutch when it's all the way up. I can drop the clutch in first and not stall. Gotta go to 4k rpm to get to 10mph in first. Wife had been driving it like this for about a week. Said she just stayed below 50 and kept it out of the redline. SMH...

Worried shifter was not quite in gear, replaced other bushings at the transmission, both were gone, but probably were from the beginning, even after I "fixed" it with the zip tie the first time. Now shifter is tight, but no change.

Since it was drivable after the zip tie and suddenly not after the bushing, I don't suspect clutch. (unless they suddenly go out at the same time?) Or did making only one bushing tighter mess up the transmission in some way? Why would this start right after the bushing replace?