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Likelihood of rear crankshaft seal failure

Potentially buying a 99' Nissan Maxima from some friends. It has 160k miles on it and they are looking to get the "good" private party value from KBB for the car. The car is a manual, if that makes a difference.

I had them take it to our shop to get it looked at before the sale just so there would be no surprises. The shop said that it appears both the front and rear crankshaft seals are leaking some oil. They advised that I would need to keep an eye on the oil level if we were to purchase the car.

I've spoken with my friend (who is more mechanically inclined than myself) and he agreed that we could fix the front seal ourselves before the sale. The rear seal, however...

I haven't laid eyes on the leak myself, and even if I did I don't yet have enough experience to know what I am looking at.

If we replace the front seal, what is the likelihood that the rear seal will fail? The cost of that repair is easily 60% the KBB value of the car. I'm sure that there are many factors that go into this, but if the seal doesn't have a major leak can I nurse it along for 40 or 50k more miles?

What indicators should I look for that would point to the seal failing? It's also possible that my friend would lower the price of the vehicle so the repair could be completed, but I don't want either of us to throw away our money.

Looking for an educated guess from someone with more background than myself.

(P.S. Seems like there aren't tags for "crankshaft" or "seal")