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comment Effectiveness of laminated security glass
Okay, sounds like laminated glass works pretty well, then. "It's very rare for a smash and grab auto burglary to take more than ten seconds." americanownews.com/story/24418252/smash-and-grab Also: getting entry into the vehicle (creating enough of an opening to reach in and unlock a door) would be less time-consuming than creating an opening big enough to pull a bag or other item through.
comment Effectiveness of laminated security glass
I'm more concerned with someone intent on quickly stealing something without being seen, thus the mention of "smash-and-grab" theft. As I understand it, laminated glass helps to slow down entry. Is this true?
comment Is there a way to put Prius with dead battery into neutral?
How would this work, anyway? I thought the car was in park.
comment Best way to store a car off pavement
I'm thinking that gravel itself is probably not so great, since it still allows rainwater absorbed into the soil below it to evaporate up.
comment Jump starting a dead battery: Connect black wire to negative pole of battery or grounded metal?
Are you saying that the black pole on the battery may not be fully connected to the chassis?