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comment 2003 Pontiac Bonneville - How to Remove Relays in Fusebox
I can't get a picture of it at the moment (my grandparents live some distance away). You've got the location right, and you can view a picture of what the part looks like on the Advance Auto Parts website. I don't know if its a four or five pin (as I couldn't get it out). For that matter, I don't even know if "cooling fan relay" is actually identifying the air conditioning fan or the radiator fan--but giving them a tap got the AC fan to run, none-the-less.
comment Sudden Oversteer - What Might Be the Cause
I don't have a better answer, and it seems that no one else does either. I'm not entirely certain that it's the way I'm driving, as I've been driving the same car for 7 years (but only recently experiencing problems), but who knows!