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comment No pressure in car pressure washer
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about a pressure washer
comment Is it legal in California to use your old plates after you purchased and received vanity plates?
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about licence and registration, not Maintenance & Repair
comment 2002 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF CL 1.4 - No power for first 3 mins driving
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comment Does anyone has idea what DR abbreviation in car name means?
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comment MacPherson strut lower control arm ball joint play and suspension geometry
Make, model and year of the vehicle?
comment Chevy Malibu 05 cranks but does not start
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comment Can the Chinese EV BYD E6 charge at Tesla charging station?
We will need to get some and on BYD sales/imports in the US, which I presume are really low number. For the charging station, I do not have a clue.
comment Change language of Toyota HDD Navigation (NHDN-W56) from japanese to english
What you Model/Year? It may be in someone else user's manual.
comment Extra batteries charger
Consider also upgrading or/and adding an additionnal alternator for charging the battery. With 3 batteries and with that kind of current draw, the stock alternator won't be able to keep up. You could even install solar panel on the roof...
comment using OBD II how can i detect an accident with airbag
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about programming
comment 1976 Land Cruiser fj40 front disc rotor removal
Yes it's need to be diassembling, while at it replace seals and bearing. Videos to help you do it: - youtube.com/watch?v=_3CI4mmEv6A - youtube.com/watch?v=NlcVwWAAHw8
comment air bubbles in diesel fuel line of peugeot 206
My diesel truck have a hand pump to bleed air from the fuel line. I did not find any info on the web for your Peugeot.
comment My 2004 F150 FX4 has a vibration in the front end
Did you got your truck aligned when you changed the CV and locking hubs?
comment Starts when cold, runs at low rpm, dies, then won't start
My first guess will be the spark plugs/spark plugs wiring. With an old car like yours, this could need to be changed. This shouldn't be too expensive.
comment 12v Acc/Switched vs 12v Always On
You want your additionnal circuit to be always on or on when the key is switched to Acc/On? I've add an extra power outlet using a relay that is activated when the key is at ACC/ON as I tapped into the cigarette lighter circuit and the load is coming directly from the battery. I rather have this as I would forget to switch off the circuit and drain the batteries.
comment How can you tell the difference between oil or transmission fluid in the antifreeze?
Do you have an automatic transmission? If so, does this particular model have the transmission oil cooler built-in at the bottom of the radiator? To figure it out, check how may inlet/outlet you have. 2 larger one for the coolant and 2 smaller one at the bottom for transmission oil.
comment Why are there no Stainless Steel wheels to prevent Corrosion in Winter?
I will guess cost is an issue and how many they will sell of theses. If it was profitable I'm sure someone will have done it. I do not have any facts on that so this is posted as a comment...
comment Brake fluid reservoir level drops fast to minimum but not below
that seems a pretty odd behavior. The thing is that all that brake fluid have to go somewhere, once you find that you'll be able to better diagnose the issue.
comment Brake fluid reservoir level drops fast to minimum but not below
Do you see any fluid leaking somewhere? That fluid need to go somewhere. Check where the brake pedal rod go through the firewall from inside the cab, if it's leaking from there it could be a master cylinder failure. Also, I've read that some brake fluid leaks to the booster, but it's pretty rare.
comment Differences and Recommendation between Steel and Alloy Wheels for Winter?
I guess I have infinite cashflow for having children AND steel wheels ;)