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Part programmer, part theologian, part actor, all geek :)

Consultant for Wintellect

I love to program, and I love technology. Most recently I have become a self proclaimed TDD evangelist hoping to proselytize the programming community around me.

In the "real world" I am the proud father of three beautiful children, and a proud husband of a beautiful wife who light up my world.

comment Car Stalls When Coming to a Stop
When you say I can confirm this by unplugging it, do you mean I can drive it around and see if the problem persists? I will be trying this out very soon and let you know what the results are. Thanks for the very detailed response.
comment Finding And Fixing A Short
Nice! This is really good info Nick. I will dig in a little and see if the flasher relay is the problem. If not, then I may bite the bullet and send it to a mechanic. I'm only an amateur DIYer :)