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My thoughts on Lifehacks: We need better leadership, if this site last long enough for the moderators to be voted in, the site will be a whole lot better. Several Things I think the moderators need:

So I devised a equation:

Take the Meta Participation + Activity Score + Rep rank , and add it all together and who ever has the highest number should be highly suggested for election. ___________________________________________________________-

I live under a awesome rock. This means I am kind of shy, but totally awesome. You can't guess anything about me, because I am so spontaneous.

My fav stuff is:

  • Song: Let it Go, Back For More, Remember Everything, Because of You, etc. I love FFDP and SlipKnot(sort of, but they use bad words sometimes).

  • Wolves. I love dogs and plan to go on the Iditarod.

  • Jack London, I love his books and have a awesome collection.

  • Learning and exercising. Some people think I can't do all of the exercising feats that I claim because of my stature, but they are so wrong.

  • Religion. I am very religious, but still have a long way to go.

What I am doing:

  • Teach my self C++ and Java
  • Learn how to fix cars
  • Learn French and Italian. I already know a little Spanish.
  • Deadlift 300(then 350 and so on), I can now lift 300 but I want get better.
  • Perfect my splits and handstand.
  • Currently reading the Bobby Pendragon series and MockingJay
  • Writing several books

My fav sites that I am active on:

  • Fanfiction.
  • WikiHow
  • Wattpad
  • Stack Exchange
  • Wikia
  • Slideshare
  • Blogger
  • Stumbleupon
  • CDC website(I have e-mail updates)
  • Quizlet

Fav shows:

  • Vikings
  • Teen Wolf(this is very adult, so I don't watch it a lot)
  • The Originals
  • Arrow
  • Supernatural
  • Stargate
  • Ben 10(not a fan of Omniverse)

I dare you to guess my:

  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Age
  • weight
  • Height
  • Or anything about me, its impossible :) I am so spontaneous.

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