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Programmer from way way back, from home computer BASIC and several different types of assembly through C, C++, Fortran, COBOL, VB1 and then more exotic stuff like SNOBOL and Icon and more recently SQL, PHP and JavaScript.

comment Oil change with front wheels on ramps?
@Kevin Vermeer I know that. But it does answer the question of getting as much oil out as possible. Note, too, that some service manuals as recent as only 25 years ago still recommended doing this.
comment Accidentally poured engine oil into the coolant reservoir
Just FWIW, oil in the coolant is likely to upset the radiator or the thermostat rather than the actual engine.
comment Car not starting: How likely that it's the fuel pump?
You normally disconnect the ignition coil to do this, though this may be tricky on newer cars with more complicated ignition.
comment What are the risks of overfilling a small engine with oil?
Yeah, Briggs and Stratton have a very good repuation for mower engines.
comment Is it necessary to 'burn in' or 'break in' a new car?
Modern new cars should only need one early oil change and it's often part of the first (warranty) service at 1000kms or so. It'll be part of the service regime they give you from the manufacturer.
comment Engine Size and Fuel Consumption
Litres are a measure of volume of any type, not just liquid quantity. People used to use cubic centimetres for engine size, but "litres" is easier to say and the number is the same anyway (albeit with a decimal in a different spot).
comment Is it even possible to buy gasoline anymore that does not contain ethanol in the US?
This is a region-specific question. Since this is an international forum, you can't assume your readers are in the same country you are (although the term "gasoline" does give you away :-). For example, you can most certainly still buy ethanol-free petrol in Australia.
comment Clutch catches VERY high, is this bad?
Mechanics sometimes have opinions about where the clutch "should" take up. I know of one who adjusted it unasked on a relative's car because he was "certain" it should take up right at the top of the travel. The owner disagreed as she was used to it being lower down. She forced him to restore it to much lower down because it was work that wasn't agreed on or asked for.