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I am the CTO at Toundra Voyages and Windigo, two joint companies that offer trips around North America for family, small and large groups and business trip.

comment When looking at a transmission, how can I know if there is a LSD?
Yes I guess I'm looking to see if there is an aftermarket LSD. I'm really not an expert on car engine.
comment How to prevent a car from boosting?
That's why i didn't want to write the reason for it, because it might affect the answers. The ECU of the car might be able to control the boost, since I already got an overboost code once and I was unable to boost (the code got reset using an Aeroforce Interceptor). I am wondering if it is possible to induce an overboost code into the ECU.
comment How to prevent a car from boosting?
Someone else will be using the car and I'd like to prevent him from boosting, as this can lead to excessive speeding and improper cooldown.